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Online backup, it doesn't have to be complicated... or expensive!

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Only £69.95 per year

Simply Backup is the simplest online data backup software with it's easy backup wizard. It keeps a copy of your backup data files securely online so that you can restore them at any time if they are lost or damaged.

Simply Backup is built into the Simply Backup Desktop software, and runs in the background on your PC, silently backing up your files while you work. Once you've set it up with the easy backup wizard you can just forget about it.

Some services make you create a new folder and send all your files that want backing up to that folder. We don't do that. You can keep your folders exactly as they are organised now. Just set up once and forget. Even if you create more folders, these can be included too .... It really is SO SIMPLE

Order Simply Backup Today!

Backup storage only £69.95 per year